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programmer found Jan 11, 2019

a programmer has agreed to work on our site. i will keep you updated. Regards admin

update on programmer-please watch Jan 06, 2019

SITE MAINTENANCE dec 25th--READ THIS Dec 23, 2018

LISTEN UP!---hosti​ng company will on dec 25th migrate servers for faster response times. this means adzcash will load much faster when done-DO NOT PANIC! the site will be offline 24 hr to 48 hours . results will be faster site loading and performance when done--Thank you .admin

how to cash out-- Dec 14, 2018

MEMBERS WATCH the video! Dec 09, 2018


paypal closed Dec 05, 2018

warning! please read!/ account Nov 19, 2018

check your links! some one with referral name of dami123 has tried to put their ref for other sites into banner! this person as been reported to his sites with his referral link from and to authorities as diverting for monetary gain is a no no--check to make sure your referral links are correct Thank you

NO SPAMMING CHAT! may suspend . Oct 27, 2018

i have tried to be lenient on members , and not rush to ban. however you guys are right, and i have said before to please not spam chat with referral links all the time, so , starting now, please be advised if you spam the chat you may be suspended. the chat is for members to network together or enjoy company. not spam. thank you.rnrn

thanks for your help Oct 21, 2018

thank you all for promoting the sites.

random credit rewards Oct 21, 2018

sometime i random reward extra credits to member ads that are active-today's members were rewarded at random are --jinnjinn123, olyabun,kerynka,rock_bul,ded130,burska11.--all were given between 100 and 1000 free ad credits to their currant ads. so wen you advertise here , you are eligible for random rewards

Compensation will start monday Oct 15, 2018

for upgraded members if you missed a days ads please PM so i can credit you,please be honest as i can tell. i will start crediting accounts tomorrow, please allow me some time to get done. thank you

GLOBAL INTERNET SHUTDOW next 48 Hours Oct 13, 2018

Atten members-icann is suting down service world wide of and on up to 48 hours this may affect you getting online and it may not--read the news and follow this link https://www.hindustantimes.com/tech/global-internet-shutdown-likely-over-next-48-hours/story-mKSZ0e07xjbcaXAyMijQNJ.html

crypto page is back! in cat just click it and in the ads Sep 26, 2018

ok crypto page is back up-some idiot tried to put his block chain adress in and take out the site one out-lol-now i have his adress and am sending to the internet crime division(ic​3) worked by united states FBI , what a fool, all block chain transaction​s are tracked, thats the best part-lol, make sure it ends in 886 or dont send your money, notifies me and ill reward you-to the fool who tried to cheat this site, good luck not getting caught.

skrill promo! Aug 19, 2018

SKRILL PROMOTION!.--add 3.00 get extra 1.00 bonus!---add 5.00 and get extra 2.00 added... add 10.00 get 5.00 bonus added...adding 20.00 will get you 10.00 bonus..add 50.00 and get 25.00 bonus!! and free 6 months for one of your ads on rotatemylinks.com! for you long term members, any any amount over 75.00 will be doubled! so if you add 75.00 it will be doubled to 150.00--please use this link for more information MY BONUS!

new cashout rules and fees Aug 04, 2018

new cashout fees and rules-please follow link and read--copy paste it or find in FAQ--site being stable is our main priority as many members earn nicely here and i want to keep it that way--copy paste this----http://buxpaid.info/index.php?view=help&faq=13&

Report ads like this Jul 21, 2018

https://you​tu.be/SsZquf​bDiBk.....watch this one minute video i made for you all, and report the ads tat are problems,thank you all.


MEMBERS!! 30 day notice! Jun 20, 2018

please do not use the email service like earn or others for your account!the terms to use here require we can get a hold of you and i am getting bounced emails saying i need to pay $1.00 to send you mail. this is your 30 day notice to please change it or i will remove the account. as of now a few dozen of you are doing this, so white list this site its part of being a member.of july 20t 2018 those accounts using it will be removed, regardless. thank you

NEWS & UPDATES Jun 15, 2018

Cash outs done! join our new rotator is free, lets get it going and get in early on it! go to http://rotatemylinks.com/

2 nd round of payments this week only read pleas Jun 09, 2018

payments are on Fridays in the states, I usual only do one batch and then if you ask later normally you would have to wait, this week i will make and exception as our site was down for a few hours while we upgraded our disk space on the sever due to growth and becoming a larger community.in case you were not able to ask wile the upgrade was in progress. best regards and enjoy the weekend

promote and earn Jun 02, 2018

promote, you get paid to promote us and or rotator wen you join that--it all adds up, enjoy your weekend everyone,regards admin

adding 0.10 to your account! May 22, 2018

dear memebre, sorry about the few hours down time,and i am adding money to upgraded members account over the next few days so be patient as i will credit you . regards admin

May 01, 2018

MEMBERS!! Apr 25, 2018

I started a brand new rotator , SO SIGN UP NOW ITS JUST OPEN-get in on the begening and promote away!---http://rotatemylinks.com/rotator?track=buxpaid

payment on FRIDAYS Apr 05, 2018

all cash outs done weekly on Fridays in the USA.

payza shut down by usa! Mar 22, 2018

dear members payza has been shut down by us government click the link i am giving you to read, obvioulsy no purchases or payment with payza untill over and done.--heres link copy and paste it to learn---https://www.ice.gov/news/releases/payza-and-two-canadian-brothers-accused-operating-unlicensed-money-service-business

have a good weekend Mar 18, 2018

its a holiday weekend here, so enjoy and be safe. admin

video idea for you Feb 24, 2018


adzcash maintenance update Feb 23, 2018

adzcash is undergoing fix to the problems since new template was installed so please be patient as programmer is aware and is working on . thank you admin

thank you members! Feb 03, 2018

thank you all for your efforts on promoting and sharing payments proof, much apreciated ,regards admin

referrals Feb 03, 2018

payments made, please promote and try to bring over honest good people to help us grow. regards admin

payments and specials Jan 27, 2018

payments made-get your ads seen here, good prices and good members

ready your credits! Jan 20, 2018

Promoting our site heavily so get your credits in place !

promotion of site Jan 17, 2018

this coming weekend will be promoting very heavy-have your ads ready and in place by friday as after i send cassh outs im putting our site into some rotators and other ptc site! so,purchuase your credits and remember all ads can be seen by outside views

compensation started! read Jan 09, 2018

check your messages as upgraded members are being compensated on their memberships, depending on level for the hosting issue. sorry it was out of my control and i am trying to take care of my members, thank you.admin

WE ARE BACK Jan 07, 2018

we are back--our hosting company suffered a bad ddos attack. all info has been recovered. the owner of hosting company has been restoring websites one at a time as many others went offline also. thank you for understanding.

payments done Dec 22, 2017

its friday and your payment request are done everyone.! regards admin

cashouts done and specials Dec 16, 2017

all cashouts done, enjoy and please purchase some advertising so we keep the doors open and more payments going out!

CHEATING Dec 12, 2017

several were removed today for multiple accounts and self referring-earnings cleared and deleted accounts-dont do it ill catch you eventually

Crypto coins Dec 05, 2017

inexpensive and used everywhere is dogecoin--click that banner, join free earn them, spend them, purchase here if you wish just send me a private message to admin from your account please . watch videos and subscribe ,will keep making more information for you

black friday specials Nov 24, 2017

new black friday membership10% Bonus Of Referral's Purchasesrn2% Bonus When Referrals Upgradern0.001 Cash Dailyrn0.25 Cash Upon Joining

black friday specials coming Nov 21, 2017

black fridy specials will be here thursday night, so grab the deals while you can as i listened to what some of you wan to see,regards admin

hosting move compleated! Nov 14, 2017

we have now moved to a hosting provider with virus scan capabilities and secure ,better conection, enjoy! regards admin

changing hosting READ IT ALL Nov 12, 2017

Changing hosting please READ IT ALL.Dear members, in order to better serve you as admin and to make your experience as nice as possible, we will be Changing hosting company soon this week, i have already payed for the new hosting as more stable and they have 24/7 virus scanning for site. this will be much better service, and better security for all of us!.i am sorry about the week site was down,and now i hope to have improved that as this new hosting company has programmers on staff to fix issues,instead of waiting a week. so in order to better serve you as admin i have paid for this to be done this coming week. you will see it when it happens and it it will only take a little bit of time. so i am again doing this for all of us as i had already paid for a year in advance with the current company ,however i would rather take the loss and have a better service for you guys.so as always have a good day and thanks for your being a valued part of this community!regards admin

payments on friday! Nov 07, 2017

payments will go out on friday as always,so request your cash out and it will go out FRIDAY,thank you admin

membershis added to! Nov 06, 2017

added days to monthly memberships so you dont lose out and to yearly memberships added some money towards lost days this week. sorry all, thank you for hanging in there during our tech issue.

payments sent Oct 27, 2017

cash outs done,enjoy the weekend and sorry about site issue i think its fixed now.

FREE BITCOIN!! Sep 29, 2017

FREE BITCOIN -- if you want it take the time to watch .rnrn


ALL CASHOUTS WILL BE DONE ON FRIDAYSrnrnrnDear members,rnrnall cash outs will be done on fridays, as this ensures everyone has a chance to get their cash out request in throughout the week. this should make it much easier on you since you know when payments are made and easier on me as between both sites sometimes doing dozens of payments and they all have to be done one at a time manually by hand- very time consuming , so this should work out for all of us much better. if you have requested a cash out on a sunday -it will be payed the next friday so every friday evening i will do cash outs. rnrnalright guys and gals, have a good weekend rnrnregards admin

cashouts payed! Sep 09, 2017

Enjoy weekend all 18 payments now sent, thank you for your work on promoting us!.regards admin

payments update Sep 02, 2017

all payments curuant sent today, next payments will be next friday due to holliday weekend as sometimes i send out on mondays . so remember it will be next friday as no more payments are waiting at this point. thank you admin

Advert IDEA for you Aug 30, 2017

Want your banner to load up on the screen every time someone views the front page? going to try a special and see if you take advantage of how powerfull that is, i will only do a few and it will be for the month!! thats thousands and thousands of views for just$2.00. contact me in a pm and ill let you know what to do-its $2.00 for 30 days, this is a very powerful opportunity to get seen!

enjoy wekend Aug 25, 2017

payments sent out--enjoy the weekend everyone, and thank you for being active in our community! i apreciate you all for doing so.rnregards admin

FAQ ADDED+video Aug 19, 2017

FAQ added today with video help guides and im making more so stay tuned, subscribe to our youtube to stay updated, its free and you stay informed anytime a new video is made for you ! regards admin

payments sent Aug 08, 2017

enjoy the week , payments sent

PAY ATTENTION! Aug 03, 2017

payment tomorrow--AND NEW DAILY EARNING MEMBERSHIPS that give you cash back every day up to a $1.00 daily!!

payments again Aug 01, 2017

more payments sent today, thank you guys , keep promoting us !! regards admin

CASHBACK now live! Jul 15, 2017

WATCH video i made for yourn

payments on friday Jul 13, 2017

payments tomorrow , so if you need cash out please request and will be done late friday(tomorrow)

payments today Jul 10, 2017

cashouts done for today 17 went out, enjoy and keep promoting-VOTE US up please its easy just click the up arrow! admnin

have good weekend! Jul 09, 2017

payment will be done again on monday everyone. enjoy your weekend

payments on friday Jul 05, 2017

i will send payments out friday if you need cash out please request it so i can pay you. thanks admin

LUANCH DAY Jul 01, 2017

BRAND new memberships! RENT referrals now an option! fund your account balance now added and cash back adpacks! please turn on admin notifications in your account, i am sending big list of important updates this weekend--also buy your ads and put them in place right now! i am advertising this site starting heavy today-good luck all

UPDATE!! Jun 28, 2017

MEMBERS!!rnexciting news! by weekend you can rent real human referrals and buy cash back ad packs for daily earning!! This seperates us from a lot of ptc site as we can offer many ways to earn. the referrals are not bots! they will be real members who join with out upline and you will be able to recycle them if not productive!!

Account info Jun 22, 2017

Turn on your admin mailer and paid email in account settings and ad alerts. this way you get my messages and if you can be paid to read emails also!! make sure you have a good email address on file. thank you

launch day update Jun 20, 2017

We are only ten days away from official opening were lots of advertising will be done, be ready for it.

happy fathers day! Jun 18, 2017

To all you dads out there, fathers day is tomorrow here in the states and i wanted to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY! enjoy it with the kids. admin

first payout today Jun 15, 2017

OUR Fist payout today to member saskia!! congrats to you.

Updates! pre-launch now untill 7/1/17 Jun 12, 2017

day 3 of being open--poll question, and cashout is 0.10 USD with paypal.rnpoint store now opened today

PRE _LUANUCH INFO! Jun 09, 2017

OPEN NOW! we are officially launching on 7/1/17, so sign up now and get in on ground floor asap! promote and start earning.

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